Want to make my bf a Valentine's day dinner main idea is shrimp?

I want to make him something yummy, and we both love seafood so why not shrimp? I want to make something we've both never had but I don't want to get a recipe offline and then neither of us like it. Something I always have is shrimp pasta with shrimp and broccoli, he always has fried shrimp. I want to make a soup maybe.. Any suggestions?


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  • Homemade Chinese casserole. Rice, stir fry veggies, sauce (teryaki or whatever you prefer) and shrimp. 🍤

    • That actually sounds good. I'm having cravings now lol

    • I make homemade beef teryaki with either with stir fry veggies or just broccoli and rice. 😋 that's how I made that suggestion to you. Lol