How do I change the way I think about girls?

All my life I've been kind of a funny shy kinda guy. And I've never had a girlfriend.


From childhood, I have this mentality that girls are like angels, they are sweet, pretty, beautiful, caring, loving and they should be loved in return and taken care of.

It sounds cheesy, yeah I know!

Since I'm a shy guy, I've not been able to approach or ask out any girl on a date. I know what a puss I'm, you don't have to point it out.

Since I've been unsuccessful in the love-life business, lately I've decided that I will not give my 2-cents about love-relation things and instead I will focus on other guy-related things like hanging out with guy friends, having fun, playing games and programming. I'm quite the whiz (Nerd Alert!) when it comes to computers and coding.

I'm having fun and I feel better, I won't deny that. But once in a while, actually once or twice (or thrice) a day I feel kinda lonely. I wish I had someone to talk to, to care about, to share everything. I guess my loneliness has to do with the mentality I have about girls, that they are like angels and the painful reality that I don't have an angel in my life.

I thought, to get over this lonely feeling, I will need to change the way I think about girls. And so I tried various methods, and it worked but only for a day or two or few and I was back to square one with my fairy tales and angels. It didn't work. I just could not think low of women.

So my question is, how do I do this? How do I change the way I think about girls? Because I don't think I see girls the way most guys do.

Thanks for reading so long!


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  • Thats a beautiful sentiment! Unfortunately however, most girls aren't angels.
    We are flawed (heartbreak makes us harsher and more cut throat) and often don't know what is good for us. That's why so many go after the wrong type of guys.
    Don't worry.. you will find an angel... but you've just got to keep doing what you do. Why not try going to the gym as well? NOT to pull superficial characters, but to gain physical confidence to match the intelligent mind you have. It will help attracting someone if you are the best version of yourself mind and body! :)
    Good Luck

    • Thank you so much for your opinion! :)

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  • As @MJas16 said, you're very desirable in the way you see women. Edgar Allen Poe had the same sentiment.

  • There's nothing wrong about the way you think about girls at all. Most likely you'll find one because you seem like a great sweet guy. Most girls are looking for your type , jus try to be out there more. Good luck :)

    • Thank you so much for your opinion. I know there's nothing wrong with the way I think. I believe I'm right about girls. And I hope I will find someone someday. But as of now, I don't want to be feel empty which I do.

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  • dont think low of woman, dont think so high either
    If a girl behaves like a whore treat her as such
    if a girl behaves like a fine lady treat her with respect

    Change the way you view them by treating them as individual people
    dont generalize and put them under an umbrella

    • Most girls don't treat asshole guys like assholes. They avoid them instead of behaving badly with them. I don't know if I'm generalizing but I don't think we should be disrespectful to them no matter what.

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    • Define whore for me? What about the guy who's fucking a "whore"? Maybe whores are treating that guy like a whore instead of acting like ladies because they think that guy doesn't deserve their best behaviour. Just a thought...

    • my definition of a whore is a woman who sleeps around excessively and who lacks morals and self respect

      If a guy fucks a whore well he is no better than that woman

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