Hookups, Dating and Periods. Should I cancel this date?

Hi guys,
I am meeting up with a guy I'm sleeping with tommorow night for drinks... but my period just arrived a week early.
Would you cancel if sex is on the cards after the date? I'm meant to be staying at his afterwards since he lives in the center.
We tend to talk non-stop inbetween dates, so it feels like more than friends with benefits... but I'm not sure about how he feels.
Would it be imposing sleeping round even though you can't do more than oral sex (on him)?
Cheers x

First time I'm into a guy after breaking up from 3 year long relationship.. I'm 19 so pretty new to actual dating.


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  • It wouldn't be imposing. You don't have to thank him with sex. If it was me I would still go, but it depends on whether you even want to go or not. If a guy asked me on a date and sex was a possibility I would go anyway and explain that I couldn't have sex that night. But if I was just hooking up with a F. O. B then I would just cancel.


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  • I wouldn't mind having sex with a girl that's on her period, I wouldn't go down on her though. Maybe he feels the same way, maybe not, so it'll be good to tell him that you're on your time of the month. You don't have to tell him directly that you're on your period, but if he asks you how are you, just say something like "I'm good, but... you know, girls have this every month hahaha".
    If he doesn't want sex after knowing that, then he'll say if you wanna meet another day, if he don't care, then good for you xD


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  • If you won't have sex on your period and he is expecting sex, then just tell him that sex will have to wait because it's your time of the month but that you're really looking forwards to the date. You should be able to talk about it, you're adults.

    • You are right, its my weakness that I don't open up easily about bodily functions and weakness. Thanks

  • lol ill cancel lol