Did she just friend zone me?

I've known this girl since high school. During winter break from college I recently starting hanging out her a lot. Took her out on a date and everything seemed to have went well. We also went out to the bars one night and we made out at the end of the night. So I'm pretty sure she likes me. I went back to school at the end of the break but we've been texting a lot. She just told me today about how she had an awkward situation becasue she saw the last guy she made out with. Did she just friend zone me by saying this or am I ok? I was planning on taking her out on Valentine's day but not I'm scared to ask her out.

I also found out she was pretty drunk when she told me this so I'm not sure she actually meant to say it


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  • Chicks are weird. Since you want to hang with her, ask her out. Either way, you're better off. If she friend'd you you'll be able to deal with it sooner and move on, or you'll get her for Valentine's day