Does this guy like me or is this just a friendship right now?

This really cute guy has been flirting with me I'm pretty sure but I just want to make sure that he actually was flirting. He is from a neighboring school but I still think he likes me. So there was one swim meet where our school was going against his and he was waiting in line behind the blocks for a relay and so was I. He then noticed we had the same goggles and we started talking and laughing from there until it was time for my race. Then at our last meet when I was cheering on my team he came up next to me and asked what heat it was. Again from there we struck up a conversation and it seemed so easy to talk with him. He smiled at me a lot and he commented on how I had been doing well in my races that day. I think that this guy likes me. What's your opinions?


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  • I don't know it's pretty hard for me to tell these things I like when guys are up front because I will think you just want to have friendly conversation. See I'm a talkative person and talk to a lot of people so never know when I am being flirted with