Why my boyfriend kyle tet. me sayiing. he got a crush on me and is n love with mee what he mean?

My boyfriend kyle who went too hickman highschool in columbia, mo texted. me saying he has a crush on me is n love with me then he texted me saying it isntt a goodd idea tooo get mee floweers for Valentine's dsy what gives could it be aanother girl?


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  • You type like a 9 year old... I can barely understand this... I don't even know how to answer... Probably isn't another girl.

    • Buzz off weirdo watch it buddy I'm a college freshman n ur a highschool girl dang hahah buzzoff

    • How can you be in college if you can't even type a coherent sentence? Just because you are in college doesn't mean you are smarter than me. You could have graduated with 50's and I could have 90's-100's. So your statement is irrelevant. The point of my comment is to say that solid advice can not be given to you if people can barely understand what you are asking.

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  • Sounds manipulative..

    • What u mean sounds manuiplative

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