What is cheating?

So this guy and myself have been dating for a month and last night he told me that he had slept with his best guy friend who I know and they are both straight and his bestfriend has a girlfriend as well, my guy was under the influence of alcohol but he told me that it was sex with no emotion. I was confused, shocked and surprised that he did this with his friend and he said he wouldn't go gay. He also told me that sex and relationship have nothing to do with each other as long as you don't sleep with someone else more then once. I haven't replyed to that message and I don't know what to do or think about relationships now please help me!!


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  • That's hilarious

    • Really? Because I don't think so.

    • It is though. Think of it this way: Two drunk men have hot gay sex and one declares it as "fair game" because it only happened once and no one is really gay. But who was plugging who? Exactly. And he won't go gay? That doesn't even make sense. He already went gay. That's so gay it's undeniably gay. Like...


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