Senior guy asking out a freshman girl?

Is it too weird for a college senior to ask out a freshman? I met a girl at a leadership training thing the other day and we kind of hit it off. I had mentioned my plans to go out that night and she jokingly asked "want to share?" After the thing was over, I walked out with her talked for a couple blocks before I turned off when we were passing my apartment. I got her number and told her I'd text her if I ended up going to the party, but ended up staying at the bars with my friends so didn't get to see her.

She is really nice and fun and beautiful and I'd like to get a chance to get to know her, but she's a freshman and I'm a senior so I feel a little weird about it. I have another year so its not like I'm graduating and leaving in a couple months, but I don't know. Would it be weird for me to ask her to lunch or to go check out one of the local museums or something?

**She did slip into our conversation about how there was an event she had wanted to go to (already happened) but all her friends were going with their boyfriends and she didn't have anyone to go with, so I know she's single.

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  • It's not that weird, but you might want to ensure that you're going to be around after you graduate before pursuing anyone.

    • I have no idea where I'll be, but that's well over a year away, which seems like way too long to not pursue someone now because of

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  • I don't think its weird at all! Go get her! B-)

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