How to get a guy to notice you?

I would really like a date to prom but it seems as no guys like me like that and we'll I don't think I'm ugly I would like to know how to get guys to notice me with out bend slutty? Also I would like to know if guys get intimidated by a girls older brother?


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  • Hun you're 14. Boys at your age are immature still and your age is not the best for dating. But if you really want guys to notice you be bold and confident. Smile a lot and flirt your butt off.
    Hope this helps!

    • I don't mean to be rude but I have been told that by the way I act alone that I could pass for a 20 year old but that's could because I grew up before my time

    • I was the same way. You're wise and mature for your age but the boys aren't on the same page quite yet. They won't start to think beyond themselves until they're about 16 or 17. Just have fun while you're 14 and don't worry so much about what guys think.

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  • I'd flirt more, but not in a tasteless way. Let them know you are OK with or without them, but engage. Don't fade into the background. I wish someone had told me that playful flirting isn't being "bad" when I was a teen. I was WAY too self critical.

  • Make yourself more noticeable by making conversation with some guys and talking more in class. Maybe try flirting a little.