You ever had an interest ruined because of a failed relationship?

You ever dated someone you had one or multiple common interests you shared with but that interest was ruined because that relationship failed or ended, you didn't want to think of the interest (s)?

I did at one point. There was a girl I thought was gonna be my first gf who was not only very attractive but shared a lot of common interests, political views, etc. before that I only had hookups with girls I had nothing in common with so it didn't last long.

I was excited to finally find a girl who liked a lot of the same bands, movies, political views I had that I thought she was a great fit. Once she ditched me, she used me as a rebound, I couldn't think of the interests because it reminded me of her.

Luckily that isn't the case anymore, but it taught me to never associate my interest with a love interest too much so that doesn't happen anymore.

Don't get me wrong, it's cool if your date, s. o., etc has common interests because it's something to bond on but your interests should be independent from the relationship at the same time if that makes any sense.


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  • Yeah I've had that, my first bf I was 18 he was 17 we were young and silly, I didn't have much self confidence at the time, we dated for about 3 week before it ended but I still loved him with everything I was. There was this really cheesy but extremely cute thing he used too do, James blunts song you're beautiful he always used too sing it too me whilst looking into my eyes, sometimes with a silly sometimes without and it always without fail made me smile and giggle every time, after that and once we'd ended I hated the song for so long and couldn't bear too hear it without fearing I'd cry, of course I'm over it now and like it just like any other song but it was difficult at the time. That's just an example though and was the first of many things like that, that was painful too do too over that person who used too do it with


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