Please help me guys! Am I just a rebound?

Okay so today the guy I have a small crush on told me he liked me in the last hour of school. Here's the thing though, his girlfriend broke up with him only about 2 or 3 hours before that. He told me by note by the way. I went to him after school to ask him if he was serious and he said yes... but I think I'm just a rebound. We spent almost the entire day laughing about stuff (we sit next to eachother) and after his gf broke up with him we were having fun and he accidentally burped (😂) and said "yes this is totally how you attract pretty girls" to me. The reason I think I'm a rebound is because it was only like 2 hours after! I don't think I would ever date him because that girl is one of my best friends. I sound so dumb and pathetic right now sorry but can you please answer my question.

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Can I please get more detailed responses please😊


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  • Welcome to life kid! It's a life experience, if you don't mind being a rebound then do your thang.

  • Kind of odd that he's doing it a week before vday, isn't it?


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  • I think you are a bit of a rebound but make the right choice ELIANA!

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