I'm 28 and I asked out a 20 year old guy. We went out but how do I know if he likes me, is intimidated, or just isn't interested in me?

I asked a guy to the movies. He gave me his number and we went to the movies yesterday and the date seemed to have gone well. I've talked to him before a couple of time and I got the feeling that he was attracted to me so I felt comfortable to initiate the date. I sent him a quick text after the movies thanking him. He replied and gave me a compliment. He hasn't sent me a text today. How do I know if he's interested in me or if he's not? Can he feel intimidated because I'm older? Should I keep initiating or am I not getting the clue? I'm going to run into him again and I know it won't be awkward.


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  • It won't be awkward, unless you make it awkward. I'm shire he is thinking he doesn't want you to think he is coming on too strong. So he is letting it be. When you see him next you most likely will see how he felt about it. I don't think it's a problem with age at all. It it was I doubt he would've gone in the first place.

    • Well I saw him today and he acted the way he normally does. So do I assume that he is not interested? Do I leave it alone or initiate?

    • ? No, I'm sure it's ok, maybe he is shy. I don't know, but I would be normal if I liked a girl.. And if He thought the date went badly in sure you would have been able to tell. He may even a little intimidated by you.. He's 20. But I highly doubt he didn't like the date. Try talking to him... I'm sure you are looking for him to initiate the next. But if he is shy.. And you do like him. Talk to him..

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  • He is not compatible for you... :D
    You should go with guys of At least of my age...;)


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