Should I find a relationship/be in one?

I am 19 years old. I am going to a college online. I am also training to become an airline pilot. I know that in about 6 months I will either get to stay where I am living now or will have to move for a little bit. Then after about a year and a half I will likely have to move somewhere for my job. I love being in a relationship, i love the companionship and the support. I just don't know if I should even attempt to find a girl to date right now since i will be moving all over for a little bit.

Should I wait until I get settled down (in 2-3 years)? If not where would I meet women? I'm going to online class so it isn't exactly easy to meet girls I connect with. My past relationship I met the girl on an online dating app called "Coffee Meets Bagel" that lasted 4 months. I really want something long term. I don't know... any help... Thanks!


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  • Dont over think it. You often have no choice when you meet the perfect girl - it just happens! And as Murphy's law would happen - it probably will be a week before you relocate. If that happens and she is the right person then discuss with her your options of making it work.


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