So the guy I was dating broke up with me because he was suffering with depression, and he didn't have the energy for a relationship?

Anyone who suffered with depression or has experience with depressives that know this sort of excuse to be true?
Also now when I see him he can barely look me in the face, and will avoid me if he can? Guys, what is this about? I don't understand!


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  • Seriously? You're asking us? If you go on the internet and see what depression is about, then you'll know that it's not just an "excuse", but that it's true. People with depression lack the energy to do anything. I would know. I suffer from depression. I've answered this question that you have asked multiple times and it is only going to lead you to the same response each time.

  • Yeah that can happen. Depression makes you lack energy, motivation and your consumed with negative energy and thoughts. No one suffering from depression will be able to sustain a healthy relationship.