Why a boy just looks at girl but dont talk?

Does he like me? he would just look at me but dont talk... m so confused... plzzz help?
I met this guy in coaching classes.. for the starting 2 months he used say hi to me everyday.. we had little conversations about our studies etc.. then he started ignoring me.. his behavior suddenly changed.. sometime he would ignore me or sometime he would stare at me in class when he thinks I m not looking.. he is very outgoing person.. he has so many friends.. but when it comes to me he would just look at me but don't talk.. he is very confident around others but sometimes he becomes so self conscious and clumsy around me..
Also when I sent friend request on fb.. he deactivated his account for 2 hrs after accepting my friend request.. Later on I wished him happy new year through fb but he didn't reply.. it still shows unseen.
I don't understand.. I didn't do anything to make him ignore me.. does he like me or hate me?
M so confused... plzzzzz help!!!


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  • Looking means nothing.


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  • Well when i look at a girl i usually like the look of her and find her attractive but sometimes guys mightn't be confident enough to approach.

  • he loves you and is embarassed to talk to you? i hadn't confessed to my highschool crush back then because she was in a relationship. if you are not he might be shy then...


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