If he says we need to talk... what should I be prepared for?

Me and the guy I'm dating relationship hasn't been the same. He's become extremely busy with his work and we barely see each other. I also seen him flirt with this girl and of course my insecurities started to kick in. So I texted him expressing myself and how I feel about us barely seeing each other but he has time to entertain this girl.

So he responded by saying he's going to call me so we can have a serious talk to the text I sent and other things.

What should I be prepared for? A breakup? I hope not because I'll be so crushed and heartbroken


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  • only he can tell you. most probably break up as it seems from your details.

    • :( I wasn't hoping for that but thank you

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  • Usually "we need to talk" is code for "i want to break-up," BUT I could be wrong. I hope I am!