Dating/Sleeping around while young?

Before, I was obsessed with romance and all and I do still want to fall in love some day, but now I am thinking that while I am young (under 25 or so), it would be better to sleep around and have fun.


Humans seem to neither be polygamous and monogamous. We are undecided. Innately we want to sleep around like animals AND be in love. Now society doesn't let us do this, but the next best way to satisfy both needs seems to be to sleep around and have casual relationships while you're young and later on settle down.

Many relationships before 25 don't even last because the brain is developing until around then.

Committed relationships sound great, but can take a huge toll on one's freedom. I want to maintain mobility to travel, move around, and explore myself and not be hindered by a romantic relationship.

A combination of the above is why GIGS/cheating becomes more tempting. I really don't want to end up cheating or fall in the situation of having to end a great relationship in the future because of not having had my experiences and unanswered curiosities.

This is why I am thinking that until my mid-twenties or so, I might do better to date/sleep around when given the opportunities and flourish in my freedom until then and then worry about finding love. This also theoretically satisfies both biological needs as I was talking about before.

The only thing I am worried about is later on when I actually look for love, women don't want me because I have slept around too much, however.

What do you think?


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  • Do what you want, it isn't a big deal, some people sleep around, some only sleep with one person their entire lives, we're all different.
    Just know that when you decide you're ready to settle down, you may be rejected by some girls because you slept around to much for their morals. Some girls won't mind, but some will.

    Personally, I think when you're young you don't need to decide anything, just go with the flow and see what happens with different people. If you decide to sleep with all different people, do that, if you meet somebody and fall in love, go with it, if you date lots of people but don't sleep with lots of people, do that. Just as long as you're honest and you aren't hurt or don't hurt others in the process.

    • That's what I thought. And that's what I asked.

      I don't know. Sleeping around just seems to have so much of a negative connotation (which I personally think is misguided and maybe even a little repressive).

    • With some people it is. We're all different and have different morals. Most relationships work best with people on the same moral level.

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  • You got it right dude. Great thinking, very mature and responsible. Research polyamory, it might be for you. And most importantly, always be honest, communicative, respectful, and true to yourself.

    • You might want to consider reading "more than two" and "the ethical slut" I think they could really benefit you, and you really CAN have your cake and eat it too, despite what some narrow-minded people might think :) good luck!

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  • So it's either a committed relationship or sleeping around every night?

    • Not necessarily.

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    • What a horrible way to look at sex, no offense. How does that make it special?

    • I think that's where our views differ at a basic level.

  • Sleeping around will amount to nothing if you dont have experience in relationships. You'll just be a guy who can screw alright but won't be able to keep a relationship. Sex is 100x better with someone you like than a random hookup. Believe me.


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  • Ok this is how i feel. Under 28, fuck around and have as much fun as possible. After that maybe you should start looking for a girl to settle with. But dont fucking tell her youve been with a lot of girls. Just say youve been with 19 or 12 and make her think you have the typical sex history.

  • I don't advise it for a variety of reasons but if that's how you wish to live your life then that's how you should live your life.

    • Well what are your reasons? I want to hear and know the drawbacks.

    • Unwanted pregnancies, women being turned off by your sexual history & the potential to get STD's.

    • Well the risk of 2/3 of them can be minimized to just about 0 with the proper protection.

  • You betta keep that thing wrapped!

    • Sorry, that went over my head.

    • Mr. Wiggly should wear a raincoat...

    • Oh yes, certainly.

  • Not a good idea. Do you really wanna be a town bike?