Is he interested or just being nice?

last spring at my brothers bbq I meet a guy that day he asked me tons of questions I was actually kind of annoyed he also played soccer with my son but my brother did too!! a couple of days later I got a Facebook request from him so I accepted he liked and commented on things. about mid summer I got a message from him thanking me for letting him play with my son and that he really enjoyed it! we started messaging back and forth. keep in mind he lives about 1700 miles away we grew up in the same town he just happened to be in town the day of the bbq! so we messaged a couple of times a month then closer to the holidays it picked up he came home for the holidays we spent some days together the 3 of us we had a great time since we have been messaging talking on the phone daily he came back last weekend and is talking about coming back again. he has asked what im looking for in a relationship if im dating? he has told me he is not looking he just hangs out at home or with friends? so I thought he was interested then he says when I meet someone he still wants to be in my sons life. granted we have never spent any time alone or with out my son besides talking on the phone so maybe he really is just looking to be part of sons life or he is being cautious and taking things slow I just don't know to read him?

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  • Maybe somewhat.


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