How to get him interested again?

So, I have been texting with this guy on snapchat and fb for like 2 weeks, day and night! Mostly about music, wich we seem to have common. We used to send hearts and all that but now he seems to have lost interest? Or so it seems... He rarely initiates conversations anymore, so plss help what do I do?


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  • Well, if he has not asked you out on a date by now. Perhaps you should try asking him to take you out or go out somewhere with you. That being said, men enjoy the hunt, the chase. When something seems easy sometimes we just lose interest. Perhaps he thinks you are a bit clingy? Do you always initiate the conversations or does he?

    • I probably am clingy then 😅 hehe, so what do I do then?

    • Well you have 2 options:
      Don't beat around the bush, say you are interested and see if you can get him to ask you out on a date or just ask him yourself if he would go on a date with you.


      Take a step back, go on with life. Don't message him unless he messages you first, let him chase you.

    • I think I'll chose the second one, it will show if he was interested in me or not :) thank you so much by the way

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