How can I stop hiding behind online dating and make move on guy I like real life?

So when i have a break up i fill voids by going online an chatting to guys. I don't jump into anything i guess it's when i get lonely i like having a guy to talk to aswell as friends.

In real life i am useless at socially interacting, let alone with someone i am interested in. I have asked guys out before an gave my number, but it was only when i had a good idea they found me attractive.

So i was 99% sure a guy liked me so rejection wasn't an issue. With the guy i like atm i am so confused, i get vibe he's shy type which makes it harder. He talks to other girls with ease as i've seen him but i know that they are his friends who are also mates with his guy friends.

He will be loud chatting away, then he sees me in sight stops talking and turns away when the people he was talking to were infront as he faced wall until i walked by. Is that a big clue i have an affect on him?

I feel paralysed when i see him, lost for words in awe of him so i stare a lot. One time i waited for bus he was talking with mates, he was staring an was fidgety. I gazed at him for ages cus i thought wow he's so handsome. His mate said to him she's pretty fit isn't she, he stared but didn't say a word :/

I was wearing crop top and jeans it was summer time last year. I attempted to talk to him but out of nervousness pretended to be on a call, then said excuse me to see if he would respond an he turned fast but looked shocked i didn't tell him i liked him as i panicked.

I feel the attraction, connection between us is strong but it scares me how one guy can have this affect on me. As soon as i saw him other day for first time in few weeks i noticed him straight away an he was on different side of road, he briefly looked but it looked like he pretended to play it like he never was looking an he went into shop. Couldn't get him off my mind since :(

Its driving me crazy as i've not found happiness with anyone an he could potentially be that guy for me why am i such a wimp. Help guys :(((


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  • I always imagine that if you have this panic/nervous/lust for someone for a relatively long time and it doesn't change then the chances are he hasn't made a move on you for the exact reason you won't move on him, he feels exactly the same as you ;p

    • Yeah I've felt it since last summer, an it's still there. Should a girl make a move haha. Don't know when i'll see him next :(

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    • @asker thanks for MHO gorgeous! X

    • No problem sweetie :)

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  • You need to gain the mindset of "I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, BUT POTENTIALLY EVERYTHING TO GAIN, IF I PLAY MY CARDS RIGHT ^^" It seems that people these days are scared of getting their feeling hurt or think " I wonder am I his/her type" WELL go find out. Don't go up there with a gameplan because just like in sports RANDOM/unexpected things might happen, right? So then you'll have a famous"fish out of water/awkward moment" LOL and once that happens "GOODLUCK" because things will never be the same unless you can make friends with them somehow then continue to try to pursue a relationship with them ^^

    but then again what Do I know since I"m weird + HAVE NO SHAME + THICK 1720;s s;ave skin (#^ ^#)

    • as long as The DOOR is open DOMINIQUE is going to keep ramming at it LOL. luck + persistence can go a long way ^^

    • U crazy cat! Hahaaa

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  • Just go up to him and tell him you like him, What have you got to lose? If you don't do it your never going to do it.

    • Guess my self esteem would go lower lol . I am nearly 22 but find it hard making moves. From what i said above do you think he may like me?

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    • Lol its hard being confused about where you are and it hurts a lot more then knowing that he doesn't like you :) Hope it all goes well my friend

    • Thanks a lot an i know guess got to take chances and see what happens.