I REALLY need help with a guy I like?

There is this guy who may like me. I don't know if I'm reading too far into it, but I really like him. Even if he did like me, I have a reputation of being shy. I have heard and been told that I'm beautiful and pretty by guys but that I'm boring and not interesting because I don't talk. I really need help with getting out of this stage. It's not I'm afraid to talk it's just my face gets REALLY red every time. Please tell me how to stop this and how I can get this guy to like me.

There is this guy who I didn't see since I was VERY young. About a year ago he heard that I was at the place where he was at and he came and he came and talked to me. I didn't see him until a couple of days ago. He came up to me and my dad ( my dad used to be his coach/teacher ) and put his arm around me and joked that we were going to get married which is something he does on occasion. in fact every time he saw my dad he would do this. I don't know if it's his personality or not.


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  • 1st. cool down. we are here for you.
    2nd. remember that you are just being yourself, not delivering a stage show. so be relaxed in front of people.
    3rd. try to meet new people and initiate chats. strangers are the best option because you have nothing to lose.
    4th. ask your guy friends to suggest you nice topics like say football or games or tech stuff or whatever.
    5th. PM me if you need further help
    God bless you. All the best :)


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  • Suggest to him that he should invite you to dinner.


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  • just by what i read.. i can tell you have mad anxiety.. you need to clam down and not over think things. slowly work towards being who you really are. work your self confidence. and if this boy doesn't like you for who you are or pertay yourself to be then move on

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