What is "dating"?

in your opinion what do you describe dating as?

examples may be...dating more than one person at a time...knowing what and how to say certain things...

just anything...i need suggestions on how to make a girl feel like she would be ready for a relationship?


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  • I hate the dating phase, so my answer is completely coloured by this!

    'Dating' to me means the awkward stage where you're getting to know someone. It means formalized meetings between you and a lover, often involving meals where you're slightly nervous around each other, and don't quite know what to say. It means times when silence is uncomfortable rather than being a shared moment of stillness. It means making sure you're always perfectly groomed. It's a no-man's-land, a place where you have to wait around for someone to call, where you're not sure how someone feels, where you avoid certain subjects because you're not sure how the other person will react. It's a place where both parties generally pretend to be perfect to impress each other., then have awkward sex.

    A relationship, on the other hand, is a partnership. It's about being real with each other, even if the reality is less than perfect. It's about going through hard times and being there for each other. It's about about seeing each other in an unkempt state first thing in the morning, and still being head-over-heels in love. It's about doing boring chores together yet being happy just because you are in the same room as each other. It's about being able to share all your thoughts and feelings, however silly they may seem, and listening to your partner do the same. It's about silences that say 'I love you so much' and moments where you both say the same thing because you're so in tune with each other. It's where sex becomes exponentially more intimate, and more naughty as a result.


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  • I like Katie's answer.

    Here's what I'll add: from my experience most long-term relationships started out as short-term relationships. It starts with one date, then two, then 3 years later you're married.

    Every person you interact with is in a "relationship" with you, even if it's brief.

    Therefore, who ever you're on a date with, you're also in a "relationship" with.

    Perhaps you'd have more luck if your question was more clear? Perhaps what you're really seeking is an intimate and exclusive relationship?

    If so, I'd ask why? Are you simply worried she's going to continue sleeping with other guys while she's dating you? Are you worried she's going to find someone better?

    Unfortunately for you, these are all things she could still do, even if you two were married.

    Perhaps you need to worry less about losing her, and more about being the type of guy she'd do anything for. Because when you're THAT GUY she'll have no interest in other men, and will actively go out of her way to "encage" you in an exclusive relationship.

    Unfortunately if you're worried about losing her, you're only going to give her your nervous signals that will push her away. Women can be like cats... as soon as they sense you're trying to catch them, they run away. Instead you need to be fun and playful, which invites them to stick around for the long term.

    Spend more time learning about being attractive (google it, there's plenty of pickup artist online now) and learn what it means to be an attractive man.

    When she FEELS you're a sincere, honest, masculine MAN, she'll FEEL like she's ready to keep you.

    It's not about what you're doing, it's about who you're BEING. Learn to BE attractive, learn to be a guy who ALWAYS keeps his composure, and who she can trust, and who she FEELS good, and safe around, and she'll stick around.

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby

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