Is ignoring a guy and waiting for him to text you a good idea? Sometimes I feel like I'm smothering him?

Sometimes I feel like I'm smothering my boyfriend of three months. He's real busy (well sorta) compared to me. I try to text a good morning text and if the conversation flows then great.. if not, I usually just let it go. But sometimes he'll take hours before he'll text me again.. Up to eight hours. What really bugs me is when he then just pretends nothing happened. When I 'ignore' him for the day and wait for him to text me.. then it seems like he wants to talk to me. Or like he's more enthusiastic. I haven't talked to him in about a day in a half now. Still nothing. Is this is a bad sign?


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  • Not with me. Some girl ignored me so I just forgot about her until she contacted me a year later... Why create drama like that for yourself.


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