Why is my ex being a hypocrite like this?

She cheats on me, lies, and leaves me for her ex, after begging for me back all the time.

I loved her so much, but now she's with her ex, they aren't happy, and now she's crying about the same things she did to me, that he's doing to her on Facebook. Posting statuses about loyalty and shit.

It pisses me off that she gets mad that this stuff gets done to her, but she did it to me.
Any help would be appreciated..


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  • She has some issues within her to behave in that kind of manner. Just have the impression she is someone with low self esteem and an unhappy person.
    Cut off contact from her. she is toxic.
    you have to let her go already, she is your ex, past tense, you have a good life ahead and would eventually meet better girl.


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