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4 months ago I started dating this guy... I met him when I was on my first yr of college, 4 years ago... he was a very nice nice guy and he was very persistent with approaching me, so I gave him a chance... at first he used to send me these beautiful text messages telling me how much I meant to him... how he was blessed to have me in his life and sorts of things... he made me feel like the most perfect woman, and very loved.. he used to always say how he misses me after not seen me for one day and that it sucked, which it was cute because I loved that feeling since in my last relationship my ex was kind of a one way street and he was very distant from me at the end... well about 2-3 weeks ago he started to say he is not used to being with someone soo much ( mind you I only see him in the weekend and that week I saw him for 3 days straight because we had a snow storm and I was at his place) so we kinda distanced himself from me a bit because he needed he's space... we got into an argument because I told him how I missed hearing from him one day and he was very rude, he ended up apologizing afterwards. last weekend I planned a overnight stay at this casino and it was amazing for his bday that is coming up, we were having an amazing night, I had a bit too much to drink... we both did but I did more than him... he told me to act mature because I could not walk straight infront of people which put me over the edge and I flipped out. I said mean things but so did he. I took responsibility for my actions and my mistakes. but after the fact he continues to tell me how I ruined everything and almost ruined us. and how he was going to ask me out and I ruined that too so I am kind of in a trial period.. it makes me feel soo worthless and hurt. since I've been doing everything I can to make this guy happy, and treating him like a great person should be.. and now this happens. what should I do

to give a little bit of background on this guy... he was hurt in his last relationship... he legit has a major fear of commitment but seems to want me there also. he has been single for 3-4 years and has not had anything serious since his last. he is used to doing things his own way and spending his time like he pleases. he is not a person to let things go easy. when this happened last weekend he even said if he didn't know if he even wanted this anymore because of how I acted.
but then after a little while he said that he is trying to let it go because he does not want this to ruin us... so later on I asked him if he thinks we will get back to what we used to be, and he said I don't know I hope so... im not sure what to do or how to even reach to all this. my drunk words hurt him,, what he doesn't realize is that his sober words are killing me... and I even told him that rubbing in my face how is is not going to ask me out in a proper way is mean he said I deserve it


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  • I don't hang out with the same friend every weekend. I want to have time for myself, time for other friends. The worst decision a girl can make in a relationship is to stop living for a guy. No matter what he says, or how in love he seems to be, have a life. :) You two are your own special independent individuals enjoying each other. That is probably why you feel worthless now, because he's basically your life. So the fight could have been another obstacle you and he worked through together instead of a ending point. Tbh, I don't know if you can fix this relationship, both of you are too needy. I know it's hard, but I think you and he should move on and learn from this experience.

    • it is very very hard, and to be honest I don't know if we can fix it either... I just know how bad I wanted to work... I don't know about him... he is a very difficult person to talk to and I don't know how to even feel... it breaks my heart to think we should be going our separate ways because of something soo insignificant and mistake, a drunken mistake. I appreciate your opinion. thank you

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    • I know your understanding, and that's a good thing. I would let it set, wait and be patient and then see how it goes. I don't think u can do much at this moment. :)

    • well a few days has passed, he seems more calm about the whole thing and now he'sjust busting balls about the whole episode... he does think I am crazy which is kinda silly because again that was not me.. in sober mind I would've never acted like that. also everytime I say cute things such as " I gotta satisfy my man" to just be silly or something he's response to all of this is lol.. which is confusing... I do think I might be reading too deep into this stuff. so I think im just gonna let it be... hope for the best..

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