Am I asking to much? QUICK?

So me and my girlfriend just broke up. Was a 4 months relationship. We are extremely close. We both love the sex. I wanted to go to a friends with benefits situation but she didn't think that was a good idea. I then just said I wanted to have sex one last time. She says we should just go our separate ways but still be good friends and talk. I really want to have sex with her again and she doesn't. Am I want to much? Is it reasonable?


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  • You're both being weird, if she still wants your personality and you still want her pussy then why did you even break up?

    • Bc she doesn't think it's smart to have someone in her life when she hasn't even figured out her life. And on top of that her mom hates me and family is first. I don't know man.

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    • Non which is why I'm so confused about why she broke up with me!!!

    • I'd try to see if you can get the relationship back but don't try to be friends if it doesn't work out, it's too much stress trust me. Even if you two think you can handle it, at least one of you probably can't. She can have you as her boyfriend or not at all.

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