What is so great about relationships?

So in one word, I'm different (considered that in the country I live in anyway). I don't see the joy in going to parties where all you do is get drunk with strangers, I don't understand why so many people my age always brag about having sex and I've have never had a girlfriend, I have had girls who I am close to and have asked out before but the resounding answer I get is either "Listen, I like you but your like a brother to me/I'm sorry I just don't see you that way/I don't want to mess with our friendship." Basically the point of what I'm trying to say is, I've have never had anything more than a friendship and I just don't know why so many people always say things like 'get a girlfriend.' So please if someone could explain the benefits of a relationship over a friendship is all I'm really asking. Also I apologize if this has been too long.


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  • Hmmm, in theory a relationship is supposed to be an emotional bond that's deeper than friendship. You and your gf are supposed to be able to cuddle up and confide in each other, they should be there for you when no one else cares to listen, they should see you at your best and your worst and still love you with every fiber within their being. Teenagers tend to call casual sex and texting love but that's nowhere near a real relationship. Anyway, just give it time there are dozens of girls out there looking for a down home country boy to bring home to their parents you've just gotta wait for her to come along. 👍💞


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