Is he being shady or am I being needy?

Been dating a guy for 2 months. He was a guy that I went to elem school with some 25 years ago; however, we reconnected on Fb 2 mos ago, then met out soonafter reconnecting and have been dating ever since via long distance. I see him every 2 weeks, we have not slept together, but did recently have a heavy makeout session.
When we first reconnected, he told me he was going to be moving back to my area (his hometown) by this Spring. I've asked him twice when he think the move may happen. Each time, he said "uhh" and changed the subject. Just yesterday, I asked if he still moving, to which he replied, "maybe". I then said, do you have a job opportunity here or are you transferring? He again said, "maybe". I dropped it. I'm starting to like him, but honestly, I wouldn't have ever met him out and began dating him if he was planning on staying where he is. The distance is too far and LDR do not work long -term in my experience. I cannot move as I have a mortgage and great job where I am. Why isn't he talking to me here? We talk about everything, and honestly, it never seemed like 25 years passed, it's that comfortable. Except for this.


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  • He isn't moving back and you need to put your foot down. LDR don't work long term. Do you go to his place?

    • Yes, he made the first visit. And I've made the rest. I think you are probably right, he's not moving back and probably never planned on moving. Why lie? And why not be straight with me now and say there's been a change if plans. Uggh! Glad I didn't sleep with him. I'm done with him now.

    • I'm sorry. I don't know why some people refuse to be honest. No it may not be the thing someone wants to hear but you can't work through lies.