Should I ask out this girl?

Well there's this one girl i like and i want to ask her out, i don't know if i should though, once i start a conversation with her, she finds away to end it and then she walks off with her friend,
i have good chances of getting a yes from her and her friend has even told me i should ask her out! so should i?

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  • That is exactly what I do when I want to get the fuck away from a person! Depending on how long this has been going on, like a few weeks then she just don't like you, but any longer and you're scaring her. Her friend was probably telling you to ask her out to be mean (idk its just what girls do). If you ask her out, she WILL say NO, and will tell all her friends, and your chances of getting a girlfriend plummet

  • She could just be shy! I do this to guys I like all the times so I'd say you gotta good chance. Yolo am I right?


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