How do I get in a relationship as opposed to just being for sex?

I've slept with a fair few guys & have had an on/off relationship with a guy for the last year & a half.
I think that is going to be ending because he has admitted that he can't commit. I am ready to settle down into a secure long-term relationship.
How do i get guys to want this & not just to sleep with me after a night out at university?


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  • You sleep around and now you decide you want a decent guy. Let me ask you, what makes you think that you deserve this?

    If a decent guy had a choice between a nice. trustworthy, traditional "relationship material" girl and you, why on earth would he pick you?

    Ok I know it seems harsh when I put it this way but this is the position you have put yourself in because of your past. Its like you are a used car that's been taken for a joyride. How many "decent" people are going to want to buy that?

    • I don't prefer a girl whose been around but that was pretty harsh.

    • I don't sleep around. I said i have slept with a few guys. Being under 10 & two of those have been relationships. but every guy seems to just want sex these days...

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  • By going out on real dates with decent men.


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  • Stop having sex with them after a night out. Make them wait , having sex on the first date just screams "boot call chick. "( no offense) Show them you are more than that by going out on multiple dates before you have sex with them. It shows you have standards and actually want to get to know them.

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