Should I go for a girl because I think she might like me?

There is this shy quiet girl that I think is cute. I already said hi once and know that I'll probably see her on campus. I don't know if I think I like her because I get a feeling she likes me though. I tend to over think that's why I'm posting this. If I could picture myself dating her is that enough to go on. By picture I mean she is the type of girl I'd date. I'm terrified because I've never asked anyone out. A suggestion on where to ask her to hang out would be nice too. I enjoy dancing is that a good way to get to know someone? Will me inviting a person I barely know out dancing come off as strange? Sorry it's so long. :)


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  • Go for a girl because you like her

    • What if I'm not sure. Do I just ask her to dinner or lunch to find out.

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