Why are the ugliest or most plain looking chicks the most conceited?

Maybe it's where I live, but this is how the girls are around me. Also in my friends state, who lives like an hour away
Ugly girls and average girls always claim they're hot, or have this conceited walk. They always try and flirt with men first and the men don't even flirt back. The only men who are nice to them are ugly men
I just don't get it


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  • They're trying to make up for it with piles of swag.

  • I've noticed this! They are the ones that complain about being so gorgeous, etc etc.

    Most people are average- which is why we have the word average! If you are significantly above it- someone other than you will recognize it.

    • Yesss
      I say this all the time and some people get so mad
      When I say it on this site I get reported 😂😂

    • Plus it's easier to lie to ugly or average women. They're more approachable, also are more likely to put out

    • haha i really like you, your bad ;)

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