I've had an opposite kind of life. Only been in a long term relationship. But at the age of 32, now I want to get have more sexual partners?

... and not settle down until I'm maybe 36 or so. Like I want to be single and explore. Is it a bit late for me to be thinking this? Are there any women a little younger or at my age who do not want to settle and have fun too. I just feel like this realization has come too late and I am becoming one of those old creeper dudes.


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  • You do you. It's not creepy unless you're trolling college parties trying to pick up drunk 20 year olds.

    • Lol... I have been doing me far too long (masturbation... had a laugh) no I wouldn't troll around those places. But lets say I wanted a younger girl (like 20-25) it would make sense to approach at a bar wouldn't it? What young girl would want to go for a 32 yr old outside a bar? Just curious.

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    • @commieDearest you were so much nicer to him than me, and he was talking about banging a bunch of chicks.

    • @toomuchtoosoon82

      I wasn't mean to you, I said I wouldn't date a 32 year old, because I wouldn't. And I told him that intentionally trying to date someone much younger is creepy...

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  • Depends on the female if it is the annoying girly girl types who's mouth is only good for a handful of things ;) (probably shouldn't joke about that but I can get away with it because I am a female) then those would only be interested in those their age or younger assuming they haven't already deluded men into marrying them. Also I am sure their is other women that aren't annoying around your age that would be interested.

    If you are looking for younger (I noticed you mentioned 20-25 age range) then they smart mature type would work because general they don't like people their age they general see late 20s and early 30s as attractive.

  • There are a lot of women who are into older guys so why would it be an issue?

    • I just want to do it correctly. CommieDearest has a point, like I don't want to be this old dude at the club or trolling college parties or anything. Lol... I could go even worse and troll one direction concerts ha ha. But I also sometimes think I am too old to do this anyway. Like it should of been done in my 20's, then I settle down now (sort of). I am just thinking of these things.

    • If you're taking advantage of young naive girls that's bad. If they're women who have similar interests and you genuinely get along that's fine. Everyone is on their own path. Who cares that you don't have the 2.5 kids and a dog. It's not like you have a limit on when you can kids like women do. Maybe those things won't ever be right for you.

    • Thank you, you have a very liberating post there. Be yourself, be happy and be free;)

  • Mm well im in my late twinkies lol and i dont want to be tied down.. I love the idea of working hard for my career.. but I also want to ho on dates.. Flirty touching yes sex with strangers.. Not so much. Age.. Im an ageist the youngest id date is my own age.. The oldest anything below 40 ! But not all twinkies are like me.. Some like much older or much younger

    • Good for you. I messed up though and didn't think like that. It gets at me every day. I'm also focused on my careers and other things other than commitment. But I may of focused on her if we were more compatible, I don't know. Love your user name:) I am the coffee king...

    • Umm I don't want to "ho" on dates LOL! Sorry that was suppose to be go^ :) nice to meet you coffee king so are you trying to find a balance between your social life, "her", & your career?

    • I knew you said go... it would be funny tho if it was ho ha ha. My dilemma is sort of what you say but it's more got to do with re-shaping a life I lost due to bad choices. I am aggressively working towards my dreams as well as a girl that I choose rather than settle with. And to this I want to have fun and just scope the field until something gets me.

  • So be single and fuck as many women as you want. Age is just a number. I split from my husband 8 months ago and have had no problems at my age with hookups and whatnot. Do what you gotta do.

    • @kris85 I love your style, you making me amped to get back on that fun-dating-mess-around horse again. Honestly though, if that's your profile pic... I wouldn't see any hooking up problems from your side;) Peace!

    • Yep it is me in my profile pic. Good luck to you!

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  • go online and meet women therre and go for prostitutites

    • Dude, the problem with the prozzie option (although I am open to it and have done it) can be summarised in this story: I sat with a guy at a pub while I was travelling for work. This dude was probably late 50's and we chatted by the bar. He was overweight, can see he had too much sun in his youth (skin looked like leather) and he was... I hate saying it... ugly. But what he said was worse: He said his wife left him long ago. He then started blaming women for his problems, told me Australian women especially, slide when they age so its best to bail and find a new one. He is Australian and I am South African. Then he went on about his 4 kids and how the one is feeling shit because his kid and his guy friends convinced a girl to kill herself. She commited suicide because she put up a cry for help on FB and this cunt and his friends made fun of her and told her to do it. Then this guy tells me that he finally "found" a South Korean girl... better than Australian women...

    • ... and she is his wife. I could totally smell "pay-for-bride"here. Anyway, I just thought this guy was an idiot and a "redneck" in every sense of the term. But we had one commonality, there was a brothel across the road and I was planning to visit it. This guy however just blurted out that he was going there too. Now a) there is no way on this planet I wanted to be near this guy, especially at a place like that, and B)... it made me realise (and depressed me) that the prozzie route is so easy. I do gym, boxing, am a business manager, have (well had) a really great sense of humour, I help all those around me, I have started my own band (im a musician too) and I just feel I am better than that. I really felt so depressed that whatever the variables that came to it, I was in the same miserable boat as the redneck regarding my love life. Everytime i look at the prozzie option I keep thinking that I could do it, but its not helping me. It will actually destroy me more. It depresses me.

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