Having interest in a woman in that has ex issues. I need some advice. Should I keep trying, cut ties?

I recently started talking to a girl. We attend the same college. We went on a date. We laughed had a good time, etc. Well she doesn't text much which is a red flag. Anyways she's pretty, smart, fun, etc. Well I assked her why she wasn't interested in someone she responded with "sometimes it's hard to even accept a date with someone, cause I don't know. The thought of him makes me uncomfortable and finding someone like him again would be a curse. Like no joke, loved the kid but Jesus he was too much."

I like her but I was told to never date someone with ex issues because they usually go back to them. They broke up in November after 2 years. I'm thinking about cutting my losses and trying different options because she doesn't seem like she's truly interested. what do you guys think?


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  • if you aren't willing to spend the time and effort into this then don't but you can win her over 100% with these simple tips
    - be there for her
    - make her think you are the perfect guy ( i usually do this by "being the guy in romance movies" so whatever that romantic guy would do you do it. makes sense?)
    - make her feel like the only girl in the world
    those three tips should be enough just be happy while making her happy that is how you get any girl basically.