Dating again, this time as a parent. When did you have your SO meet your kids?

Since not all relationships last and you don't necessarily want to expose your kids to that, at what point do you introduce your kids to your SO? What have you done that worked? What have you done that didn't work?


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  • It was a good 6 months before I introduced my daughters to my BF , who then became my husband. Make sure its a good sold relationship. Kids don't need to meet your dates until it's serious business.

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    • I actually took everyone to our cabin for the day. Made for a laid back easy going day. He has a son who was 4 at the time when mine were 14 and 10 at the time, so the kids played in the lake, we BBQ'd just had a nice day. Keep it low key. I guess it also depends on how old the kids are too.

    • Thank you for the MHO. Good luck to you.

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  • He had me meet his kid after wed been dating for a little over two months.

    • Cautious for sure. How did it go? Brief meeting or did you do something together?

    • We had dinner/game night at his house and things went great!

  • I would think when you get to the point where you think she could be the one.

    • Ideally that makes sense (minimize exposure), but wonder how things have worked out for people who have done it earlier. The kids are now asking abouts her.

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