Guys do you think girls are more appealing if they play video games and/or act nerdish?

So guys (or homosexual girls I suppose) do you find girls who play video games or act nerdish more appealing? By nerdish I mean play video games, read manga and comic books, watch anime, enjoy sci-fi etc . I heard a lot of people say they love girls who do these things. I enjoy all of these things, and so does my friend, but it doesn't really affect our dating life that much, except this guy did like me bc I played pokemon apparently. Anyways I'm just wondering if you find these girls more appealing.

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  • Personality-wise, I find them FAR more attractive. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle of nerds and gamers put females at higher risk of obesity and female nerds tend to me physically unattractive to me.

    If you took two girls that were identical and one liked shopping, weaves and spray tans, I'll take the nerd every time.


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  • I find women that are interested in video games, computing, technology, STEM, etc. more attractive because it allows us to connect on another shared interest. Plus this can mean they are a smarty pants. I like that. However, I do not like women that only "act nerdish." I like the real deal, not an impostor.

  • I wouldn't but I'm not really into anime and all that crap (no offense) but I would LOVE a girl who shared a hobby with me that we could do together. Video games would be great!

  • It is more about common interests, if you like reading and he likes reading that might make you seem more attractive but if he doesn't like reading in doesn't have an impact.

  • It makes them tons more attractive because it means we already have lots in common, and having a lot in common makes it easier to bond and so on. So yeah, it makes them a lot more appealing to me personally as a friend and as a potential partner.

  • the only time I would like a girl to like those things is if they really liked it, if you don't acutally find an intrest in it then there's no point. if they honestly find it something they like then I'm all for it, but if there just doing it to do it then no it's a turn off. It's like If i saw a girl on her phone and she was reading manga or watching anime/looking at video game news or something i'd be kinda happy.

  • Not really, no. That in itself would not make them more appealing. It depends on many other things. And besides, they don't seem to exist too much outside of the Internet.

  • I love girls that play video games.


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  • Yeah, so I'm a gamer. With a completely non-gamer, non-nerd husband.

    Ya know what the problem is? The problem is that boys say that they like us, but, yeah, not really. Not mostly.
    Mostly, there is still this hostile attitude. This "no girls in the treehouse" attitude.

    Seriously, guys. When I say I'm a gamer, I get all these challenges thrown at me. Oh yeah? What about X thing in Y game? Or A thing in B game? Or this, or that?

    It gets to the point of ridiculous stupidness, but worse. And, yeah. Yeah. It's not fun. Not fun.

    I mean, I dunno. I get the feeling that maybe it's because a lot of these guys were rejected as kids. By other guys, and by girls. So now they have their safe space (which is games), and they're just defending the hell out of that safe space. Dunno.

    But I definitely don't get that from other guy-heavy things. I am also a football fan, and a sports fan in general. But when I mention this, I don't get a barrage of people testing me. (Hey, what about the 1987 Copa Libertadores, bitch?)

    I mean, there it is. In case y'all were wondering why there weren't more of us. A lot of the time, it's because we get the door shut in our faces.

    Because really? There are SO MANY FEMALE GAMERS.

    So many.

    With the rise of mobile games, it's just about fifty fifty at this point. Solidly 60 percent of mobile gamers are female. I mean, it's not like we don't exist.

    If you are a male gamer, take a look at your own community of gamers, and HONESTLY evaluate whether it's a friendly environment for da gurlz. Because we do exist.

    • This is pretty accurate. A couple of years ago, I was looking for a board game group, to play D&D with. Found out one of my good mates played with the only group in the area, and asked him about it. The response? 'Oh, sorry, we don't really play with girls, they make the other guys feel weird.'
      The gaming world is still definitely a boys club. I'm lucky, my boyfriend loves to play games with me, but other than that, I've been pretty excluded. And when a guy finds out about it, it's nothing but challenges about what I play, how good I am, whether I'm a 'real gamer', or just a 'gamer gurl'.

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    • Yeah, I definitely get that too. I went through an alternative phase in my high school years, picked up a few piercings, a nerdy tattoo, and dyed my hair. Then, when I left school and got a job, I changed my look to a professional one, so I was actually employable. And I was almost deemed a traitor by the other gamers and alt girls, because I found a job easily, and they struggled.
      It makes it hard to find people you can fit in with, doesn't it?

    • @EasyForYouToSay Yeah totally. And I wonder why most of my friends are male ::rolls eyes::

      I mean, this was less of a problem for me, because my height made me sort of an outsider to begin with. (6'2") Also, I had 4 brothers and a single dad, so, women were kind of like aliens to me even though I was one. My daddy raised me exactly like a 5th brother.
      So I've always been like fuck it, may as well just shoot the moon. So now I wear heels everywhere, which makes me 6'8"-6'9". If I'm gna not fit in, may as well do it in style, no? LOL.

      But, yes, INCLUSION. is a thing. A thing they need to learn more about.

      I mean, if this is one thing people could learn from the crazy radical fems/NOW people from the 70's, this would be it. I am not a fan of rad fem politics, to say the least, but those people were DAMN good at inclusion. They just invited EVERYONE into their treehouse. All the people. And they accomplished a lot.

  • I find them annoying. And I find guys who get boners for them annoying as well. Oh you can play PC games and like anime? Whoopty fucking doo

    • Why do you find them annoying?

  • some will find those thing more appealing.