Great first 2 dates, then things changed.

I need some input on my last date with this great girl.

We met on line yeah it happens never would have thought that either.

We immediately started talking and sharing stuff and even went out on a date that same day to see each other for real.

The date lasted forever well over 8 hours and it was great.

We took a walk and went to get something to drink and talked a lot.

When we got back to our cars we said goodbye(by this time it was 2AM) kissed goodbye(on the cheek) both of us hesitated and after the humble kiss on the cheek we made out a bit and talked some more.

By the time we went home it was 4AM and we both had a great time.

The next day we met again, but I just met her at her place went in the Jacuzzi, watch some TV and talked a bit and cuddled some.

And I eventually stayed for the night(I know that's very fast).

I went back home the next day at noon because she had to her moms hair.

The day after she had to take her parent to the airport because they went on a holiday for 2 weeks.

Afterward she was having a hard time about this, because she missed them.

She went out with a friend of hers to a concert of another friend of hers.

The next day she came online, did not feel good was very depressed, she had a hard time about her parent being gone and she was having a though time forgetting about her past relationship.

I met her that day to talk to her, because she was being very negative about life etc...

When I left her thing felt different, the hug was still very affectionate but the kiss goodbye was just a kiss on the cheek.

Things went silent after that, I did not hear from her for almost 2 days.

Until I send her a message on her cell asking what was going on.

To which she eventually after some hours send a reply on line.

Telling me she needed to straighten things out in her life first.

And get over her past relationship which was over for only 2-3 weeks.

And when I asked if she preferred if I let her be so she could.

She said maybe for now its better, so I can deal with everything first.

She did not want to hurt me or use me, but for now its better.

When I see her online now she does not say a thing neither does she reply if I say something.

So I am asking myself the question what is going on.

Is she just doing what's best for her and ignore me to make it easier for herself.

Or ...

don't know anymore what to think, she is a sweet girl she is honest.

Her past relationship was just very messed up, she did not get any love or attention and always had to do with the guy wanted not what's he wanted.

So I did not expect her to just drop me like a brick.

Before we met first met we bother said we did not want just a one time thing or just one date.

And she wanted to be sure I did not mind the distance that was between us since she lives about 50 Miles from me.

To which I assured her that I did not mind that.

What do you girls and guys think about this?


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  • maybe going out with you made her realise she wasn't ready for a full time relationship. or maybe she's just feeling a little bit lonely with her parents away. I would say just give her some time to think things through. do contact her again though, it sounds like you two could have a really good relationship when she feels ready.

    • Yes that's what I feel like to, we could have a great thing.

      I guess with her past relationship still being fresh in her memory and her parent being gone for 2 weeks gives her to much spare time to think about everything.

      because it all started when her parent left.

      But what can I do when I contact her online and she does not even reply back.

      I mean I don't want to push her or anything and ruin things that way.

      But neither do I want her to think that I don't think or care about her anymore.

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    • Would saying or asking something like "if your still thinking about us" give a bit of pressure?

    • Umm. . how about just hinting if she is still thinking that it is worthwhile pursuing your relationship, because you really enjoyed your time together and don't want to waste what you had. but also that you don't want her to feel like you're bugging her, you just need to know how she's feeling.

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