Is he playing hard to get or what?

So there's this one guy that I like and he's super extroverted, smart, and popular (I think he might go to an Ivy-League school!) and he developed a crush on me I think. So he would try to start up conversation with me before class and I didn't like him at the time. Then, during class, I wrote a quick poem with a fake boyfriend where I said we loved each other because I noticed he looked at my notes a lot and I didn't want to lead him on.
So a week later, we're both at a formal party and I see him CHECKING ME OUT like crazy. Like, a full 5 seconds of staring. I notice him and his eyes are like snares. (scientifically, I think his pupils were dilated because he was checking me out and thought I was attractive)
Then, I took some pic. s with my friends and he seemed distraught until I took a pic. with him. However, he was upset I didn't ask him to the dance. (in this dance, girls ask guys) He ended up going alone. I regret not asking.
Then, the next day at school, he kind of just had a dead stare and he, in general, seemed sad sort of. He also was having a conv. with a girl RIGHT in front of my locker. Perfectly in front. He also kept walking past my locker in the morning which is unusual since he ALWAYS socializes. He's a mega extrovert.
What do you guys think? I really like him now!

Should I just go right up to him and say how I feel?
So I told him how I feel, and he doesn't like me. But I feel like I'm on cloud 9 now that I've confessed how I feel! I had no idea that liking him was the storm before the rainbow!


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  • How's he playing hard to get? I didn't notice you trying to get anyone. How can it be considered hard?

    • I can't tell if you're trying to be creepy or not.

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    • How did you try chatting?
      One day is nothing by the way. The girl I like used to take about a week to reply.

    • school email. I tried talking about sports at first. He said he didn't like me and that was seconds after I confessed my feelings. He never even replied to the messages I sent.
      Are guys creeped out by girls that like them?

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  • I've been in this situation before. Basically, He was probably working up the courage to ask you out. You made yourself unavailable to him a few times. He's down and sad about it. He may have talked to that girl to slightly make you jealous or he needed a quick self esteem boost or a mixture of both. If anything it almost sounds like YO U are playing hard to get.


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  • He definitely likes you!! You dont always like a guy right away sometimes. And he was making you jealous with talking to that girl.

  • I totally think you should talk to him. It feels like you're both playing hard to get. Go for it! :)

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