How to know if the girl I've been on 2 dates is playing hard to get? Does she like me?

This girl I've seen twice already and i have been in constant communication for the past 2 weeks. I believe that her and me have chemistry and enjoy our time together. We have kissed on 3 occasions already, and she always leans in for more kissing. She mentioned that i was a cool guy and sends me messages occasionally that make me laugh (she initiates messaging often) . Sometimes though, she doesn't text back for a long time and her responses might be a little dry; especially when i try to flatter her via text. I asked her yesterday on a 3rd date and she said she could probably make it, however she needed to check her schedule. I still haven't heard whether or not we are on for the 3rd time nor i want to ask as that may seem kinda desperate. We briefly messaged today but no mention of the subject. Is she losing interest?


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  • Hmm I think you need to talk to her about things. I would send a nice long text (girls LOVE that) just saying everything you love about her and how you feel towards her and how you really would like to take her out on a third date. Just make sure she knows that you are extremely into her! I'm sure she isn't losing interest, Us girls just are very stubborn.


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