Should I give up?

I've liked this guy for about a year now and he's the nicest, nerdiest guy I know. He's eighteen, but still loves everything Disney, bless him. During the summer we kind of had a short fall out because one of my friends told me she had a crush on him and I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I didn't tell him I was interested.

She told him she liked him, but he told her he didn't want to be in a relationship with her because she's led him on several times before.

Somehow he found out that I liked him and he kept apologizing to me for all of the drama she caused, even though it wasn't his fault. After school started back I thought everything was going good. We would go to basketball games together, he would come over to my house and hang out when I have friends over. But I think we're at a stalemate.

We haven't defined our relationship yet, I get continuously asked if we're dating and I'm always embarrassed because we're not and people always ask why.

Anytime I mention moving on to my best friend who's dating his best friend she tells me that "He really likes you, I just don't think he knows how to handle it." Which is understandable because he's an awkward guy and his ex-girlfriend was controlling and it took him three months to break up with her.

We're going to the same college later this year, so we'll still see each other, but I just need to know if I should give up on furthering our relationship.
And I really think I need some outside opinions on the situation.

What should I do?

  • Stay friends.
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  • Try to talk to him about it.
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  • Wait for him to make a move.
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  • No, you should not give up. You should talk to him about it, but it seems that he doesn't want to be dominated. So, you should tell him that you want the relationship to develop into something more, but you understand that going slow into that direction is okay. You will be patient and understanding, but you don't want to see anyone else but him. If you establish that you two are exclusive, then that's a start.


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