Should I call her or not to ask her out?

I met this girl over the weekend that I totally like and I asked her to be my valentine on the very same night I met her and she said sure no problem I'll be around so just give me a call.. so I then told her I didn't have her number and she said you didn't ask me for it.. so I asked her for it and she gave me it.. so the next day I messaged to see if it was her and it was and she said I was thinking about you and she was glad I messaged.. I haven't messaged or called in 2 days.. does she have attraction to me or is she just playing games? When should I call her to find out if she still wants to be my valentine and go out?


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  • You haven't messaged or called her? Then why did you ask for her number if you weren't going to talk to her?


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