What are some things I should make sure I do on the first date so that he's asks me out again?

Things do do on a first date to show I'm interested and to get a second date


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  • Laugh at everything he says (unless he's trying to be serious)
    Play with your hair.
    Make eye contact.
    Touch his arm or shoulder occasionally.

    Open up about yourself (avoid just talking about common interests, open up about how you think, what you think about, what background made you who you are, etc.

    Don't let him get overly physical with you, or he may get everything he was looking for and not feel the need for a second date. On that note, if he were that kind of guy you probably wouldn't want a second date in the first place.

    Make sure to be thankful towards him if/when he does gentlemanly gestures.

    If you see the inside of his car and its clean, complement him. If its clean it means he probably spent a lot of time cleaning it for you.

    If he texts you afterwards, try to sound as chipper and upbeat as possible. If you enjoyed the date, make sure you communicate that with as many emoticons as befits a happy text message.

    • The good thing about being a girl on a date, is that usually, unless the guy has some sort of deficiency, he won't ask a girl out unless he already knows he's a bit interested in her.

      First dates are harder for guys because we have no way of knowing if a girl is really attracted to us, or of she just agreed to go out with us because Satan asked her to ruin our lives on his behalf.

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  • Be yourself, because if he doesn't like YOU then he isn't worth it.


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