My ex kisses my cheek. Does he still love me?

We had an understanding break up due to my lack of feelings to him. We keep a distance for a month, then talk again and lately we give each other hugs and sometimes long hugs. Today when we said goodbye he hugged me and kiss me on my cheek and my neck once. Does he still llove me? Why did he kiss me all of the sudden?


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  • and my neck once?

    Surely, he loves you!

    • He kissed my cheek and when he hugs me his head was on my shoulder so he just tilted his head and his my neck. Not sure if it means something or just because my neck is right in front of his mouth.

    • :D he can patch up again if you want.

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  • Well he's definitely still attracted to you. Obviously still likes you well enough if you're still hanging out. Love is a strong word. But yea he'd probably date you again.


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  • You can't make such a big assumption based on that one thing. If you want to know then you have to ask him.

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