Girls and Guys- have you ever dated your best friend?

Well, today me and one of my best friends started dating. I think this will work out but I want to hear YOUR stories:) Have you ever dated you best friend? If so, did it work out well or go horribly?

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Can I have some more answers please


Most Helpful Girl

  • wen I dated my friend it was horrible because we would fight and agure more than usual sometimes wen I hang my friends and get jealous and would abused me and give me a black eye and all my tons and tons bfs now ex bfs were my guy friends and my girl friends would say what happened too I say he beat me up fr hanging with my friends and I would cry and get scared of guys and wanna date guys but im scared too and they would rape me too in my sleep too and hurt me but I put my foot down and stand my ground and said im dating non-friends that aren't guy friends because it nearly ruined my friendship with them so I just told myself that and never go back too that ever,,,

    • Oh my god... if you're having these fears maybe you should go to therapy (to let everything out)

    • thnks I tried too but my therapist is busy at the time and I well probly ask him if I can talk with him about things everything and let it out

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What Guys Said 2

  • I had only one gril that was a friend and sbe was old

  • Best friends don't stab each other in the back... so, why would they date?


What Girls Said 1

  • I dated my best friend for 3 months, knowing he was bisexual at the time, but it was slightly awkward, especially physically wise - and well now he's gay! XD