Should I be worried he has not contacted me today?

My partner and i are only just back dating after 7 months, he came back to me and he has said to me he made a massive mistake, he wants me, wants to take it slow and hasn't felt happier with me, said he thought about me constantly when we broke up! We have spent social time together past week and things have been amazing, he's told me how happy he has his words were 'im happy as a pig in sh**' but yesterday i wanted to tell him how i happy i felt and when i did he replied with..

Here please dont start gettin heavy on me lol takin it easy remember, think i was quiet yesterday coz of that text ye sent about who ever yer txtin, i dont like jealously x

now that text was because im very anxious due to the past and he was texting someone when drunk together on sat morning and kept coming off it when i was walking through! After that we discussed it, he told me i had nothing to worry about, he's learned his lesson and can understand why i am anxious, basically poured his heart out! Sat and Sunday went on we forgot about it had a great time together and then yesterday he left and i decided to say im happy and thats what i got back! I dont understand how he can tell me how he feels but i cant? I thought he would have liked to hear that! We get on like a house on fire, he knows i am not a jelous person, i am unsure if he just had a bad day and took it out on me yesterday? But i haven't spoke to him since 6pm last night.. he has not been on whatsapp to read my text this morning, im worried he's avoiding me now and falling back on his word when he promised me he's learnt his lesson and this is what he wants!

Can anybody give me advice on this? I have every right to be anxious from before but i trust him with all my heart and put all my faith in him.. he's a quiet person but i can't loose him again :(

And then last night his family contacted me as they had not heard or couldnt get a hold of him!! Including his work!! We all tried everyone and then this morning he text me saying 'Fuck sake jordi. You txtin guys from my work now? Do me a favour and delete my number i dont need this right now'
I have every right to be anxious from before but i trust him with all my heart and put all my faith in him.. This isn't like him and he wouldn't say all the things he's Said and done


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  • I think it would be in your best interest to cut this guy loose. If you feel that you can't lose him again, you are setting yourself up for failure by chasing familiarity. While you may desperately want to give this another shot, it is apparent that he has not changed, because he is still exhibiting the same behaviors as he was before. The rule of thumb is that if it didn't work the first time, it won't work the second time, because people do not like to change their habits. He has to actively demonstrate serious improvement, not just talk about it. Do yourself a big favor and cut it off before you get your heart ripped out a second time.

  • Relax.  


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