Advice on male perspective?

Hi, this question isn't meant to be cocky or arrogant. I'm just genuinely trying to understand what the guy is thinking.

I'm dating a shy, reserved and quiet guy. I saw his ex's picture for the first time. She's hot. Everytime we talked about her, he always stated he dated her cause she was pretty and they had good sex. Nothing more. I noticed he never compliments me or doesn't really mention how attractive I look or etc even if I put In an effort. Aside from mentioning that supposedly his friends rated me as 8. note: he doesn't talk about his feelings toward me either. Like he can't express what he feels for me but says he really loves me.

Not to be arrogant, I'm pretty attractive never been insecure type. I get male attention easily and been told I'm hot.

Now I'm confused because after seeing his ex and how openly he stated she was pretty. I don't know if he actually finds me attractive as he's hardly complimented me on my face or body.

Although, we do punk each other off as a joke but generally I compliment him all the time.

What's going on in his head? Why does he not say anything to me?


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  • Maybe he learned to not boost a girl's ego.


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  • he probably needs some more time getting into the comfort zone with you, that and she is shy and reserved. he has no problem mentioning things about his ex because he's been there and done that. I would give him a bit more time and benefit of doubt.

  • If he's shy you have to wait or he just need a sex partner might be...


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