How to get the Korean guy?

I'm a Canadian and I live in Canada, and some new international students arrived in my school a few weeks ago and I've taken a liking to the Korean boy at my school.

I need advice on what Korean guys like. If it helps, he's 16 and I'm 17. I'm on the heavier side, so yes I'm overweight. Do Korean guys prefer slim girls? Cute girls? Girls who wear makeup? Older girls, younger girls? What do guys like, and how could I get him to like me?

There's two Korean girls at my school and they've started hanging out and I'm worried that he might start to like one of the other girls because they can obviously understand eachother and I really don't think I could handle if he started to date someone else because I like him too much.

We took a bunch of selfies together, and in a hotel room on a trip we had, he kissed my cheek in a picture and he always leaned his head on my shoulder on the bus. I don't know if this is normal for Koreans to do?

Any advice you can give, I'd really appreciate it.


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  • another Korean guy post what the fuck. not hating on you @asker, just sayin hahaa. well I don't know about the kiss on the cheek and leaning his head on your shoulder but it might just be part of who he is, not him being Korean.

    if he's comfortable to do that with you though then I would try talking to him and give some hints here and there, because of culture shock you're going to have to try a little harder and experiment a bit with your approaches. but just let the guy know you have potential interest.


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  • Yeeeahhhh the new generation korean guys have LOTS of game.
    So yep , just a normal flirty behavior by the looks of it but FEAR NOT Canadian , for there is HOPE!
    They flew almost 10,000km to where you are at. Surely if they just wanted the same old stuff from back home they would have stayed.

    Offer him your own originality and special Canadian KICK against their Korean taekwondo

  • Korean guys does not like overweight women just because there isn't any overweight women in korea really


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  • Through apps

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