What does he mean do ya think?

So its been about 6 weeks and I have noticed my guy a few times referring to either me or himself as gf or bf when he jokes with his friends. He even told one of my friends "shes not single". I have asked him what we're doing and its typically "I'm with you". He did throw out the having fun but when I asked well is it "just fun" he said no dont do that, dont twist words. He says a lot of stuff when he drinks, how glad he is to have met me, how amazing I am, we are... but since its when he drinks Im skeptical. I do know a little of his dating history - he was hurt and cheated on. So I am curios what do you think the "I'm with you" means. Just fun? Just for now? Or is it simply fact.


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  • It seems like he wants to be exclusive, but is too afraid to ask. You refer to him as "my guy." Do you want to be exclusive? If so, I suggest saying something like "If you're going to tell people I'm we're a couple, let's be a couple." If you don't want to be exclusive, ask him to stop.

    • Yes I want to be exclusive, I am already honestly. The things he says when he's drinking, should I believe it or just think its cute and laugh it off? He's the type thats always attentive and affectionate to me, in public, in front of his friends and he's more so when he's drinking. It's good honestly.

    • It seems to me like he means it then.

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