How to get a boyfriend again?

I haven't had a boyfriend for over 3 years and now don't remember how to get a date or boyfriend. where to start...
Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


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  • Start talking to the opposite sex... it will all come back to you...


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  • Well the advice I would give you really doesn't apply to a woman your age.
    I would tell women if your too shy to talk to a guy then write your name and contact info down. Walk up the the guy your interested in, hand it to him, and say "i hope to hear from you' and walk away.

    But at your age you should get online. Your going to have to weed through a lot of disgusting bottom feeders but there are some of us good guys out there looking for someone. POF and tinder have worked best for me.

  • just be yourself and do not try too hard


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