What does it mean "good friends"?

What does it mean when a guy and a girl are just good friends? And he told me so yeah.. Am I not attractive enough? Because I always end up in the friendzone 😭 I really thought he liked me, we've been talking day and night (literally) about music, food, sports, his and my interest! What am I doing wrong? I am currently working out, I figured he only likes skinnier girls


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  • "I am currently working out, I figured he only likes skinnier girls"
    Anyway, once a guy gets to know you, if he likes your personality for a girlfriend he will like it regardless. I'm not hot at all, but nearly all guys I know at some point down the line have had some kinda love declaration lol. They aren't liking me for my looks, i know that. Other guys, i like as more than a friend, i know I have game so i just use that and get their numbers. So yea, changing up your looks or losing weight just for a guy isn't the way to go. If you're unhealthily fat, then do it, but never for a guy. That's how some girls end up depressed and shit because they feel ugly or whatever just because of guys, not seeing that if he likes you he will like you regardless and if it's only looks he likes you for, there will always be somebody hotter than you... then what?
    Having looks and personality is great, but never ever look a certain way or change yourself for a boy.

    • I'm also working out because I play tennis, so U need to stay in condition... So it isn't specially meant for him... Sorry if my English is bad

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    • I asked him if he liked me and if he was okay with me going out on a date this Saturday, and he was like "no its no problem go ahead and have fun" " I like you as a friend, a lot!" Is what he said :)

    • Well even if he did like you, that could of just shut him down and made him think he's got no chance so there's no point.